Celebrating 145 years

Lighting the way for 145 years

An African proverb says that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle – and to this one can add, two candles cast more light than one. This has been the cornerstone of the Unisa philosophy during its 145 years of existence; the time-honoured principle that if you do your utmost to light up people’s lives with the ultimate gift of knowledge, they will go on to do the same for others. Read more

145 years timeline

145 Years timeline

Unisa and the making of an African University

Unisa’s story has all the makings of a riveting documentary — drama, intriguing characters and a climactic turning point. Through dynamic interviews with key people connected to the University, Unisa has crafted a film that explores the evolution of the institution: our past, present and the construction of our future.