Tuition Support

Experiential Learning Research Office (ELRO)

Work-integrated learning

Through this page the Experiential Learning Resource Office (ELRO), in the Division: Tuition Support, endeavours to support both students and academic departments. The curriculum of some qualifications includes one or more compulsory work-integrated learning (WIL) modules.

Students in need of workplace experience for one or more work-integrated learning (WIL) module may download, complete and submit a curriculum vitae form (DOC) to the office indicated on the form.

Students are further encouraged to register at, with the Department of Higher Education and Training iWIL page for work-based/integrated learning.

Academic Departments may NOT in accordance to the Protection and Personal Information (POPI) Act, No 4 of 2013, disclose any personal information about students to potential experiential learning providers (ELPs). Unisa’s Data Privacy Policy further emphasises the right of students to decide when, how and under which circumstances personal facts may be disclosed. By giving consent the lecturer responsible for the relevant WIL module may put your CV forward for consideration by companies that may approach Unisa with work-integrated/experiential learning opportunities.

Please note that the Experiential Learning Resource Office only process the completed CV forms. Placements, where feasible, are made by Academic Departments concerned. Should there be any queries, please liaise with the relevant lecturer specified in the Tutorial Letter.

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