Planning and Quality Assurance

Planning and Quality Assurance is located in the Portfolio of the Vice Principal: Institutional Development and Transformation, and carries responsibility for institutional quality assurance. Leading edge quality assurance is considered crucial to enable Unisa to aspire to and maintain Unisa's position as a world class university.

Quality, Assurance and Promotion

The Quality Assurance & Promotion Directorate has been established to enable the University to fulfill its quality assurance obligations vis-à-vis the external quality assurance agencies in South Africa, the Higher Education Quality Committee [HEQC] of the Council for Higher Education and the South African Qualifications Authority [SAQA].

These obligations comprise:

  • Preparing the University for the regular institutional quality audits conducted by the HEQC;
  • Overseeing the internal programme evaluations for all the academic programmes in the University in order to obtain programme accreditation.

The Department collaborates with similar departments in other institutions in the region, nationally and internationally to:

  • exchange information on internal quality assurance;
  • participate in colloquia and workshops on quality assurance;
  • share the knowledge and experience of international experts visiting South Africa.


The three-year planning cycle and the annual iteration of the operational plan, continues to be the main instrument through which the university's strategy is implemented. To ensure that consistency and alignment in planning pervades the institution at all levels, the Integrated Planning Framework (IPF) was developed. The purpose of the framework is to achieve optimal planning coherence. The implementation of this framework will be driven in earnest from 2010 by the DSPQA. Against this background, the Directorate: Planning has the obligation to perform the following functions:

List of functions

  • To facilitate planning within the university.
  • To ensure alignment of all plans with the university's 2015 Strategic Plan.
  • To initiate and direct the development of functional and operational plans based on the analysis of strategic imperatives.
  • To facilitate the allocation of strategic resources to approved projects
  • To monitor the progress with regard to planning imperatives and the consumption of strategic resources.
  • To manage the SPCC activities in a manner that provides financial flexibility, while ensuring institutional responsiveness to emerging strategic priorities.

Executive Director
Ms Liana Griesel

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