Community Engagement & Outreach


Community Engagement at Unisa

Beyond the university corridors brimming with knowledge, beyond our mighty gates and just outside the immense walls of our great institution lies a nation and a continent, restless to test the claims of higher education. In a context of widespread disorientation, injustice and arrested development, the role of higher education in advancing the sustainable development and social cohesion agenda is simply indispensable. The mission of a socially responsive higher education sector is critically urgent and requires decisive and obligatory action.  Against this backdrop, community engagement is at the cutting edge of Unisa’s contribution to nation building. As an engaged university, Unisa has sought to use the resources at its disposal to journey with communities from vulnerability to agency. 

At Unisa, further strides are being taken in conceptualising, enabling and facilitating community engagement to enhance and enrich research, teaching and learning while concomitantly pursuing the socio-economic development imperatives of South Africa and the African continent.

Unisa’s community engagement projects are designed to respond effectively to the development needs highlighted in the National Development Plan, the White Paper in Post-School Education and Training, the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Communities around the country are participating in a transformative process of relevant learning that liberates the consciousness, strengthens public discourse, stimulates social justice and democratizes knowledge.


Transforming society and the academy through engaged scholarship.


To be a world class leader in engaged scholarship.