Northern Sotho: Theme 6 - Transportation and Finding Your Way

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Place names
In South Africa, two kinds of place names may be distinguished: traditional African place names and English or Afrikaans place names.  Most of the bigger towns and cities have English or Afrikaans names; however, during the past ten years many of the official place names have been changed back to the indigenous names.  Among Sotho speakers, Pretoria was originally known as Tshwane; Johannesburg as Gauteng (literally meaning ‘place of gold’); Nylstroom as Modimolle and Pietersburg as Polokwane.

Please feel free to exchange any of the place names in the table above for place names of your choice.

To form questions in Northern Sotho:
You probably know by now that you can ask questions in Northern Sotho by adding the following interrogative (question) words to the end of a sentence:
-fe?  (which?) 
bokae? (how much?)
bjang? (how?)
neng? (when?)

To make questions of which the answer can be affirmative or negative (yes/no questions) you can add a or na to the beginning of the sentence.

For example:
Statement:  I can get there on foot.    Nka fihla ka maoto.
Question:    Can I get there on foot?  A/na nka fihla ka maoto?