Northern Sotho: Theme 3 - Numbers, days, months, seasons

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‘tshela’ literally means “to cross over”.  This refers to when you count on your fingers – when you reach six, you need to “cross over” to the other hand.

Days of the week
You will notice that the names of some of the days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) are similar to the numbers 2-5. In the Northern Sotho culture Monday is seen as the first day of the week and Saturday the last day.  Tuesday is seen as the second day, Wednesday the third and so forth.  Sunday is not being counted as one of the days, but is merely being referred to as the day of the Lord. 

Months in Northern Sotho

The names of the months of the year have been Sothoised, in other words the English words have been adapted to fit into the spelling and pronunciation of Northern Sotho.