Zulu: Theme 6 - Transportation and Finding Your Way

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Place names

In South Africa, two kinds of place names may be distinguished: traditional African place names and English or Afrikaans place names.  Most of the bigger towns and cities have English or Afrikaans names; however, these places are also given names by the Zulu people.  For example, Johannesburg is known as eGoli; Cape Town as eKapa; Port Elizabeth as eBhayi; Pietermaritzburg as eMgungundlovu; Durban as eThekwini and so on.

As you would have noticed, in Zulu we mostly use the prefix e- in front of a place name to indicate location, e.g. ikhaya (home)  > ekhaya (at home),  ibhange (bank)  > ebhange (at the bank), eGemistoni (at / to Germiston), eCeasars Palace (at / to Ceasars Palace), eKempton Park (at / to Kempton Park). However, kwa- can also be used as prefix, e.g. Ngiya kwaZulu Natal (I’m going to kwaZulu Natal). Sometimes a prefix and suffix can be used to indicate location, e.g. Siya eposini namhlanje (We go to the post office today), Ngiya emdlalweni (I’m going to the game).

Please feel free to exchange any of the place names in the above text for place names of your choice.