The Golden Age of Surveillance

We’re living in the Golden Age of Surveillance. We are always sharing information about what we’re doing, what we’re thinking through the utilisation of multiple devices. Read more

Interview with the Chair of the Alumni Association Executive Committee

Interview with the Chair of the Alumni Association Executive Committee, Dr Claudelle von Eck, SBL Alumnus and CEO of the Institute for Internal Auditors of South Africa Read more

Indigenisation and financial development: recent SBL study raises red flags

While every economy needs a highly developed and efficient financial system to drive financial and economic development, of increasing concern is that our local financial development index shows South Africa’s to be decreasing. Read more

Navigating through the organisational change landscape in a tough economy

Since the 2008 economic meltdown many organisations have been struggling to navigate through tough economic conditions; often traditional and old mindsets prevail where Leadership takes the position or view to reduce headcount, slash learning and development costs and reduce all unnecessary operational costs. Read more

From “big” to “smart” data: a critical evolution for Africa

In our fast-paced digital society, the definition of “big data” is constantly changing. With interest in the term reaching its peak between 2011 and 2014, Andre van der Poll, Professor at UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), shares how the market is now shifting its attention towards “smart” data rather “big” data. This is a trend that Africa needs to note and take better advantage of. Read more

Acknowledging the onus of self-development

As young leaders continue making their voices heard across civil society and increasingly in business, it’s important to reflect on the responsibilities that leadership brings with it. Read more

The quest for relevance: renegotiating the “rules” of young leadership

As South Africa’s next generation of leaders starts making its presence felt across various sectors and industries, many are increasingly having to prove their worth and value. Read more