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Message regarding selection outcomes to applicants of the PGD, MBA, MBL and DBL.

Further to the automated confirmation of receipt of your application, you are advised that we are working hard at processing the applications. We have received an extremely large number of applications and the process to screen, verify and refer to the selection panel for approval is time consuming.

As indicated in other communication from Unisa, the outcome of the selection process will only be made known by the second week of December 2017, for the following reasons:

  • The high volume of applications to work through in all of the formal qualifications, and
  • the fact that the outcome of the selection panel has to be audited first and approved by the University Management adds to the turn-around time for the responses.

However, be assured that your application will be attended to and we kindly request you to be patient.  We would also urge enquiries to be directed via e-mail to and allow at least 48 hours for a response.

For the few who have experienced one or the other technical glitch during the application phase, which ended on 13 November 2017, you are also assured that you will be contacted to upload outstanding documents in due course until the end of November 2017. Similarly if  you had not uploaded one or the other documents  (like the NMAT Test results for the  MBA / MBL or exam results for the PGD), you too will be given an opportunity to upload the final documents.

NB: For the MBL and MBA applicants who have not taken the NMAT Test as yet, you are reminded that NMAT registrations for the test in the second window runs from 20 - 30 November 2017 and test dates are fast filling up.  The second window period for NMAT testing runs from 20 November – 05 December 2017, and it seems that the only dates that are left at present are in November 2017.

Once you receive the outcome of your application by 15 December 2017, you will have to ensure that you are in readiness to register in January 2018.