Study @ Unisa


If you’re new to Unisa, welcome. We hope that your journey with us will be both exciting and rewarding. To our returning students, welcome back. You already know what you’re in for. What you may not know is that Unisa is changing. We’ve implemented a whole lot of new processes, procedures and features, all designed to make your distance learning experience better.

This brochure has all the tips and information you need to succeed at distance learning and specifically, at Unisa. Think of it as a survival kit, complete with map, instructions, advice and a list of tools. Just follow the map, read the instructions, take the advice and use the tools. If you’re self-motivated, if you have independent study skills, if you have the “right stuff”, so to speak, you should do fine. The Unisa system is designed to help you. Follow that system, adapt it to suit you and pretty soon you’ll be flying.

Click here to download the Study @ Unisa brochure (PDF)

Last modified: 2018/02/02