SRC & Student Associations


The Student Representative Council (SRC) represents and champions the interests of Unisa students. This includes interests on decision making governance structures and committees of the University such as the Council, college boards and the Student Funding Committee, amongst others. 

The SRC is also responsible for contributing effectively in the policy making discourse of the University to enhance teaching and learning, research and community engagement.

Student services

  • Represent the students in institutional governance structures.

  • Observe fairness and representation of students in student disciplinary hearing.

  • Fulfills advocacy role for quality education and  conducive environment in all UNISA sites of learning

  • Ensures that the University honour its obligation of excellent service towards all students as stated in its service charter

  • Attend to student dis-satisfactions and ensure redress thereof

  • Consistently liaises with the University management  to ensure improved service delivery to students

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