New procedures for collection of study material

At the time of registering you were given 4 options for delivery of first parcels of study materials:

  1. Courier
  2. SA Post Office (SAPO)
  3. Over the counter at the Sunnyside Campus (Pretoria)
  4. Over the counter at the Science Campus (Florida)

If you selected options 1 and 2, your parcels are picked and despatched almost immediately, with an expected 10 working day delivery time.

If you selected options 3 and 4, 2 working days turnaround time is required for your parcel to be picked and delivered to a chosen site. You can collect your parcel only after you have received an SMS to collect.

If your parcel is not collected within 2 working days after the SMS is received, the parcel will default to SAPO safemail and will be posted to you.

Follow up tutorial material during the course of the year will be posted, excluding items less than 10 pages in length which will only be available online. The over the counter facility will close once first parcels are processed.

Note: To collect your parcel you will need to show the SMS and your student card.