Exam results audit vs qualification audit

Exam results audit

After each examination period, Unisa conducts a quality audit of all examination results. As a result of the audit of the May / June 2017 exam results, some students may see some changes to their examination results.

The Directorate: Student Assessment Administration audited all the internal processes involved in the processing of examination marks for the May / June 2017 exam sitting, including the correct transfer of semester marks from the assignment system and the composition of the final mark. They used a variety of diagnostic techniques, including spot checks and analysing historical discrepancies (identifying large deviations in averages and pass rates as compared to previous semesters, and then checking the results by hand for consistency and completeness). They also used all enquiries by students as potential indicators of generic problems. All cases are being followed up and checked for accuracy.  
Due to the late delivery of semester 1 study material for some modules, a concession was made to students in these modules to only take the semester mark into consideration if it would benefit the student. This concession was initially not implemented correctly on the system. It has since been corrected in affected students’ academic records without compromising on quality and standards.

All changes should now reflect on myUnisa.

Qualification audit

After the examination results are released, a final-year student's academic record is audited by the Directorate: Student Admissions and Registrations to verify that the qualification is complete before the qualification status can be changed from "final year" to "completed". Although  the qualification audit is finalised as soon as possible after the exam results are released, it can take up to 6 weeks before ALL records can be audited.

Please note that your academic record on myUnisa will show "qualification incomplete" or "final year" until the qualification audit has been completed, and will only change to "completed” if you have met all requirements toward completion of the qualification