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Building African Christian marriages

Author: Elijah Baloyi
Published: November 05, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-86888- 734-7
Number of pages: 112
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About the book

About the book

This book addresses topics like lobolo, infertility and the role of extended family intervention to one’s marriage. These traits are in certain philosophies of life and schools of thoughts being discredited, discouraged and often ignored by the very same people who are expected to uphold them with pride of their own identity. Various factors including Western thought as well as urbanization had been cited as some of the reasons alienating African people from these practices.

The intention of this book is not primarily to convince African people to uphold their own traditions, but to indicate how unjustly and unfairly had the practices been criticized and ignored. Some of the outcomes of such ignorance are also listed. This book is a research-based since more than seventy five percent of the work is derived from my researched masters degree that was completed with the University of Potchefstroom back in 2001. Pastoral caregivers and parents need the information contained in this book to help them balance their thinking between some African traits and Biblical view when dealing with African marital and premarital issues.

About the author

Baloyi Magezi Elijah is a Professor of pastoral counseling in the department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology at Unisa, Pretoria. Besides pastoral counseling he also works on gender imbalance issues in Africa, sexuality, marital and premarital related problems in African context. He has authored books and published several articles touching all these issues. He is the author also of the book “Patriarchal Structures, a hindrance to women’s rights” as well as “Conquering your discouragement, tough time never last, but tough people do.” Prof Baloyi Elijah is a Radio Pulpit presenter and preacher who, formed “Metanioa Christian Life Ministries” which gave birth to the English Church Services in East Lynne, Pretoria. Baloyi Elijah is also a Reformed church pastor who graduated his BA in the University of Potchefstroom, Candidancy in Theology,  Masters Degree in Practical Theology at University of Potchefstroom and PhD at the University of Pretoria (2008).  He is a happily married man to Florance and has three children, Mikhenso, Ntiyiso and Ntikelo.

Table of content

Foreword vii Preface ix Acknowledgements xiii

Chapter 1 Traditional obstacles in young African marriages 1 Chapter 2 Excessive family intervention in African marriages 9 Chapter 3 The influence of lobolo on the African marriage union 19 Chapter 4 The negative influence of infertility on young African marriages 35 Chapter 5 Some biblical teachings about marriage 43 Chapter 6 Conclusion 69

Appendix 73 References 85 Index 93