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Visual Arts II - VAR2602

Under Graduate Degree Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 24
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: GAR1501 & TWF1501& THF1501 (Only applicable to 02224) Co-requisites: VAR2601 TDM1501& FRM1501 (Only applicable to 02305) Co-requisite: VAR2601
Purpose: To enable students to formally and conceptually explore the visual and metaphorical potential of the notion of mass culture. Expressive figurative manifestations of re-interpretation, deconstruction and application of historical as well as contemporary cultural phenomena, icons and myths are encouraged. The learning takes place through the investigation of various formal, traditional as well as non-traditional methodologies and media. Multimedia students will expand upon the new media production, concepts and techniques explored in VAR2601.