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Surveying: Civil II (Practical) - SRCPRA2

Diploma Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 5
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: SRV1501or SRV121Q & SRVPRA1 or SRV1PRA Co-requisite: SRC2601 or SRV211Q
Purpose: This module presumes that you have totally mastered the theory of the Applications and Calculations modules of the subject. During your practical involvement and exposure, up to now, you have acquainted yourself with the different instruments, their handling, operation, how to observe and take readings with them. During the practical week, you have to demonstrate your abilities to carry out production tasks. The purpose is to enable you to demonstrate the outcomes in carrying out every practical part of the module as quickly as possible, within the required accuracies, and presenting the calculated results for assessment complete the calculations and or drawings of the measured data.