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Nonparametric Regression - STA4809

Honours Year module NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Module presented online
Co-requisite: STA4801
Purpose: About this module: Special attention is given to different aspects of nonparametric regression as an explorative tool and non-linear relationships in a wide variety of applications. The presentation is practical and accessible with statistical software enabling the learner to explore and analyze a wide spectrum of data. The incentive behind the development of this module was the Honours degree in Data mining, but at the same time it prepares the student for the workplace as Nonparametric regression has applications in the fields of economy, biology and the physical sciences. Abbreviated contents: Students will learn to understand the differences between parametric and nonparametric regression and the difference between model driven and data driven approaches. Attention is given to nonparametric density estimation in practice and theory for univariate and multivariate analyses as well as models for nonparametric regression and the smoothing parameters. Advanced tools such as semi-parametric regression, additive models and in particular generalised additive models are also included. This module makes extensive use of computer statistical software and hence a student must have access to a computer.