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Legal Philosophy - LJU4801

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 8 Credits: 12
Module presented in English,Afrikaans
Recommendation: Should be taken as a final year subject together with LJU4802
Purpose: This module aims to provide a thorough grounding in and a broad perspective on theories and applications in legal philosophy. The focus is on knowledge of philosophy, but it is based on broader goals of transformative constitutionalism, graduateness and Africanisation. The module is compulsory for the LLB degree, but is also suitable for those who wish to acquire advanced knowledge of philosophy in the field of law. It is primarily intended for students who intend to pursue a career in the legal field in South Africa. The module will also teach critical thinking skills in the context of different knowledge forms and epistemologies. Students accredited with this module can demonstrate knowledge of philosophy and apply to real-life scenarios relevant to the legal field.