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Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module B) - CEM321B

Diploma Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 9
Module presented in English
Co-requisite: CEM311A & CEMPRB3 or CEM3PRB
Purpose: Gas absorption: Mass balance for co- and countercurrent absorbers and strippers; stagewise and continuous contact columns; applications of mass transfer coefficients; Distillation: Single stage and introduction to multi stage: Introduction; Calculation of liquid-vapour equilibrium data; Single stage operation (flash); Simple distillation; McCabe-Thiele analysis for binary system; Multistage batch distillation with constant and variable refluxes; Calculation of number of plates; Column performance; Open steam distillation; Multiple feed streams and side streams operation; Azeotropic and extractive distillation n Single-evaporation: Introduction; Heat transfer; Apparent temperature difference and boiling point rise; Duhring's rule and Raoult's law; Standard overall coefficients; Calculation assumptions; Drying: Introduction; Methods and principles of drying; Calculations; Leaching: Principles; Factors influencing extraction rate; Mass transfer; Counter current washing; Calculation of number of stages; Appropriate laboratory work.