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Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module A) - CEM311A

Diploma Year module NQF level: 6 Credits: 9
Module presented in English
Pre-requisite: CEM2601 or CEM211F Co-requisite: CEMPRA3 or CEM3PRA
Purpose: Fluid flow: Incompressible fluid flow: Use of mechanical energy balance on a single pipeline system with bends, changes in cross-section, valvesand pumps. Trial and error approach; Classification of fluid rheology: Based on relationship between shear stress and shear rate; Pumps and piping: Introduction; Classification and selection of pumps; System heads; Characteristic curve; Theoretical power. Heat transfer: Conduction: 1-D steady-state conduction in plane, cylindrical and spherical walls, no heat generation; Derive expressions for temperature distribution, and calculate heat transfer rate and thermal resistance; Convection: Explain convection; Heat transfer calculations using average convection coefficients; Thermal radiation: Define; Calculate net rate of radiation from a grey surface; Heat exchangers: Describe the operation of 4 types; Calculate overall heat transfer coefficients from individual ones; perform thermal design calculations and evaluate performance of heat exchangers. Mass transfer: Molecular diffusion in gases and liquids: Calculate rate of diffusion and predict the concentration profile for: equimolar counter diffusion; component A diffusing through stagnant non-diffusing B; mass diffusion with chemical reactions; Filtration equipment and filtration practice; Psychometry: definitions and humidity charts; Appropriate laboratory work.