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Chemical Engineering Technology II - CEM2601

Diploma Semester module NQF level: 6 Credits: 9
Module presented in English
Co-requisite: CHE181T & CEMPRA2 or CEM2PRA
Purpose: Introduction to chemical engineering calculations: Units and dimensions; Force and weight, pressure and temperature; Material balances: techniques of solving balances on: Single unit processes; Multiple unit processes; reacting and nonreacting systems; Aspects of recycle, bypass and purge; Gases, vapours, liquids and solids; Energy relationships: Concepts and units; Heat capacity; First law of thermodynamics; Kinetic and potential energy; Energy changes; Energy balances: Define terms; energy entering and leaving a system; Law of conservation of energy; Solve energy balances for simple systems; Balances on nonreactive processes; Balances on reactive processes; Combined mass and energy balances: Involves distillation column, evaporator, reactor; Appropriate laboratory work.