Students who visit the Main Library need to purchase a Library admission card at a cost of R45. This card must be presented to gain admission to the Library. Students have to present their Student cards when they purchase a Library admission card.

Please note that no cash payments above R45, 00 will be accepted by the Library

The Student card should be used to gain admission to those branch libraries that do not issue Library admission cards.

Students who wish to use the Science Library should purchase a Library admission card in the Main Library.

A replacement Library admission card is issued at double the original cost.

The admission card must be worn visibly when the Library is visited. The Library admission card may under no circumstances be used by another person.

Students may not hand their Student cards to another person in order to acquire a Library admission card. Students who do not comply with this regulation are subject to disciplinary action.

If a student loses his / her Library admission card and library material is subsequently issued unlawfully to another person who uses the lost card, the student remains responsible for the items that were issued against the card.