Library notices

System problem affecting all requests for Library material.

We are experiencing a system problem that affects all requests for Library material submitted. 

The system is failing to send the usual sms and email notifications to acknowledge receipt of your requests, and to let you know if you have been placed on the waiting list if the book you requested is out on loan. 

Consequently, students and staff, fearing that their online requests have not gone through, have been resubmitting their requests and the Library has received many duplicate requests. We are busy working through the requests to eliminate the duplicates and we continue to place requests on the waiting list where necessary. 

We therefore kindly advise you not to resubmit your requests, even if you do not receive the usual sms or email, as the requests are coming through successfully. 

If you are concerned about a request, enquire at 

We regret the inconvenience and are busy resolving the problem.

Proxy Error when accessing e-reserves and selected e-resources

Due to the recent upgrades and enhancements to a number of database platforms, students are experiencing problems with off-campus access to some of the Library’s databases including, among others, the following resources: 

  • Taylor & Francis
  • Emerald
  • ​ScienceDirect
  • Electronic Reserves (links to documents hosted by any of the affected database providers)

As a result, students are unable to access documents hosted by the affected database providers. Some of these documents include students’ prescribed and recommended reading that is uploaded to the Electronic Reserves (usually retrieved by carrying out a course code search on the Library Catalogue). 

For further inquiries please contact

We apologise sincerely for this access issue. The problem is receiving urgent attention from both ICT and the affected service providers. We will keep you informed.