Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr JMW Munganga

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Science
Department: Mathematical Sciences
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 011 670 9156
Fax: 011 670 9171


  • MSc, PhD (UCT)

Fields of academic interests

Research interests

  • The formulation in mathematical terms (generally as partial differential equations) of problems in continuum mechanics; studies of the well-posedness of such problems (especially Fibre Suspension Flows),
  • Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases and its aspects in epidemiology: application of fuzzy set theory modeling uncertainties and fuzziness when a more realistic scenario is considered.
  • Numerical Analysis: Application of Differential Transform Methods to solve nonlinear differential equations.
  • The use of functional analysis techniques to prove wellposedness of such problems;
  • Establishing existence, uniqueness and other qualitative features of solutions;
  • Optimisation problems and the mean to solve these problems by numerical approach.
  • Modelling of flow of fluids in human body.
  • Computer Programming, Matlab and Java.