Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering

Dr S Gullapelli

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Engineering
Department: Civil and Chemical Engineering
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


  • PhD (Chemistry), MSc (Inorganic Chemistry), BSc (Chemistry)

Fields of academic interests

Research interests

  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Photo catalysis
  • Materials Science
  • Steam Reforming
  • Biomass to fuels and H2 production
  • Nanomaterials Fuels production

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Professional Affiliation

  • SAIChE, AmIChemE
  • South African Chemical Institute (SACI)

Awards and Honours
Dr S Gullapelli received award Senior Research Fellowship by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India in the year of 2012


Short Biography
Dr Sadanandam Gullapelli is Postdoctoral Research Fellowin the Department of Civil & Chemical Engineering, College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), University of South Africa (UNISA). Dr Sadanandam Gullapelli received his doctoral degree in Chemistry from the Kakatiya University/Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Telangana, Warangal, India in 2015, where he conducted work on "Studies on Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation of catalysts for Thermal and Photo catalytic Hydrogen production from Bio-mass derived Glycerol" and his Masters completed in Chemistry from Osmania University and Bachelors completed in Kakatiya University, Telangana, India.

Selected Publications:

  • G. Sadanandam, K. Ramya, D. B. Kishore, V. Durgakumari, M. Subrahmanyam, K.V.R. Chary. A study to initiate development of sustainable Ni/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for hydrogen production from steam reforming of bio-mass derived glycerol.
    RSC Advances 2014, 4 (61), 32429-32437
  • G. Sadanandam, K. Lalitha, V. Durga Kumari, M.V. Shankar, M. Subrahmanyam . Cobalt doped TiO2: A stable and efficient photocatalyst for continuous hydrogen production from glycerol: water mixtures under solar light irradiation.
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2013, 38, 9655 – 9664
  • G. Sadanandam, N. Sreelatha, M.V.P. Sharma, S. Kishta Reddy, B.Srinivas, K.Venkateswarlu, T. Krishnudu, M. Subrahmanyam,V. Durga Kumari. Steam reforming of glycerol for hydrogen production over Ni/SiO2 catalyst
    ISRN Chemical Engineering 2012, 2012, 1-10
  • J. Krishna Reddy, K. Lalitha, P. V. Laxma Reddy, G. Sadanandam, M. Subrahmanyam, V. Durga Kumari. Fe/TiO2: A Visible Light Active Photocatalyst for the Continuous Production of Hydrogen from Water Splitting Under Solar Irradiation
    Catalyis Letters 2014, 144, 340-346
  • D. Praveen Kumar, M.V. Shankar, M.M. Kumari, G. Sadanandam, B. Srinivas, V. Durgakumari Nano-size effects on CuO/TiO2 catalysts for highly efficient H2 production under solar light irradiation
    Chemical Communications 2013, 49, 9443-9445
  • B. Srinivas, V. Durga Kumari, G. Sadanandam, Ch. Hymavathi, M. Subrahmanyam, B. Ranjan De. Photocatalytic Synthesis of Urea from in situ Generated Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide
    Photochemistry and Photobiology 2012, 88, 233-241
  • M. Crisan, M. Zaharescu, V. Durga Kumari, M. Subrahmanyam, D. Crisan, N. Dragan, M. Raileanu, M. Jitianu, A. Rusu, G. Sadanandam, J. Krishna Reddy. Sol–gel based alumina powders with catalytic applications
    Applied Surface Science 2011, 258, 448- 455
  • K. Lalitha, G. Sadanandam, V. Durga Kumari, M. Subrahmanyam, B. Sreedhar, N.Y. Hebalkar. Stabilized and Finely Dispersed Cu2O/TiO2: A Promising Visible Sensitive Photocatalyst for Continuous Production of Hydrogen from Glycerol:Water Mixtures
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010, 114, 22181-22189
  • M.V.P. Sharma, G. Sadanandam, A. Ratnamala, V. Durga Kumari, M. Subrahmanyam. An efficient and novel porous nanosilica supported TiO2 photocatalyst for pesticide degradation using solar light.
    Journal of Hazardous Materials 2009, 171, 626- 633


  1. CuO-TiO2 Nanocomposite photocatalyst for hydrogen production, process for the preparation thereof
    V. Durgakumari, M. Subhramanyam, B. Srinivas, G. Sadanandam, M.V.
    US Patent Pub. No.: US 2016/0045908 A1, Pub. Date: Feb.18, 2016
  2. Synthesis of Highly Efficient Nanostructured Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production under Solar light Irradiation,
    V. Durgakumari, M. Subhramanyam, B. Srinivas, G. Sadanandam, M.V. Shankar, B. Syamasundar, M. Mamatha Kumari, D. Praveen Kumar
    India Patent, 2014, Appl. No. 2080/DEL/2014, Date 23-07-2014

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