Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Research Activities


Towards research excellence through various civil engineering specializations: structures, Geotech, water …


The group intends to:

  • Identify problems within civil engineering discipline and seek for solutions
  • Encourage applied research to societal issues, Africa in particular
  • Foster research culture in the department
  • Generate research outputs
  • Encourage collaboration within Unisa and  with relevant parties in civil engineering industry,  private sector and public institutions
  • Explore possibilities of funding
  • Disseminate research outputs through scientific meetings (workshop, seminars, etc)
  • Encourage multidisciplinary research
  • Explore postdoctoral fellowship
  • Involve its members in supervision of masters’ and doctoral students
  • Explore invitation for research fellow/visiting researcher
  • Explore applied research in civil engineering education

 The Civil Engineering research group is divided into two sub-groups, Which are:

  1. Structure and Concrete Materials
  2. Hydraulics and Hydrology

 The following faculties and staff members are involved in each group:

Structure and Concrete Materials

 Hydraulics and Hydrology