Department of Jurisprudence

Prof M Slabbert

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Jurisprudence
Tel: 012 433 9497


  • BA (University of the Free State, 1983)
  • Honours B-Journalism (University of Stellenbosch, 1984)
  • HED (University of the Free State, 1985)
  • B Proc (University of South Africa, 1998)
  • LLB (University of South Africa, 1999)
  • LLD (University of the Free State, 2003)

Currently teaching

Professional Ethics

Fields of academic interests

Medical Law: Organ donations

Journal articles

  • ‘Commercialisation of human organs for transplantation: A view from South Africa’ Medicine and Law 2005 (24):191-201
  • "Wysigings van die bepalings van 'n liefdadigheidstrust: Minister of Education v Syfrets Trust Ltd NO 2006 4 SA 205 (C)" TSAR 2007 (co-authored with C van der Westhuizen
  • "Establishing a market for human organs in South Africa Part 1: a proposal" Obiter 2007 (co-authored with H Oosthuizen)
  • "Establishing a market for human organs in South Africa Part 2: Shortcomings in legislation and the current system of organ procurement" Obiter 2007 (co-authored with H Oosthuizen)
  • "Death with dignity in lieu of euthanasia" SA Public Law 2007 (co-authored with C van der Westhuizen)
  • "Combat organ trafficking - reward the donor or regulate sales?" Koers 2008
  • "One heart - two patients: who gets the donor organ?" Stellenbosch Law Review 2009
  • "Ethics, justice and the sale of kidneys for transplantation purposes" PER 2010
  • "This is my kidney, I can do what I want with it" Obiter 2009

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Admitted as an advocate, 1999
  • Excellence in Tuition Award Technicon Pretoria, 2000
  • Chairperson of the South African Medico-Legal Society