Department of Jurisprudence

Prof IJ Kroeze

College of Law
School of Law
Department: Jurisprudence
Tel: 012 433 9528
Fax: 086 763 4501


  • BA (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 1980)
  • BA Honns (Philosophy) (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 1981)
  • LLB (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 1984)
  • LLM (Law and ethics) (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 1989)
  • LLD (Property theory) (UNISA, 1998)
  • International Chef's Certificate and Diploma (London City & Guilds, 2011 2013)

Currently teaching

LJU4801 (Legal philosophy)

Fields of academic interests

  • Hermeneutics and legal hermeneutics
  • Philosophy of science and epistemology
  • Law and politics
  • Global warming hysteria

Journal articles

  • Kroeze IJ "Die aborsiedebat in die lig van die verhouding tussen reg en etiek" 1990 Koers (55:4) 423-443.  (The abortion debate in light of the relationship between law and ethics.)
  • Kroeze IJ "'Eigendom morgen': nuwe ontwikkelings in die Nederlandse en Suid-Afrikaanse eiendomsreg" 1993 De Jure (26:1) 42-58.  (Ownership tomorrow: new developments in Dutch and South African property law.)
  • Kroeze IJ "Re-evaluating legal positivism – or positivism and fundamental rights: a comedy of errors" 1993 SA Public law (8:2) 230-237
  • Kroeze IJ "A response to Professors Ryan and MacCormick" 1998 Acta Juridica 205-207
  • Kroeze IJ "The impact of the Bill of Rights on property law" 1994 SA Public law 322-331
  • Kroeze IJ "Mthembu v Letsela: equality v culture" 1999 Fundamina 165-170
  • Kroeze IJ "Meeting the Buddha on the road – an essay on Christian scholarship" 2001 Koers (66:4) 639-653
  • Kroeze IJ "Doing things with values: the role of constitutional values in constitutional interpretation" 2001 Stell LR 265-276
  • Kroeze IJ "The justification of private property: from natural law to liberalism" 2001 Fundamina 51-69
  • Kroeze IJ "Doing things with values II: the case of ubuntu" 2002 Stell LR 252-264
  • Kroeze IJ "A response to Olckers, Loux and Mashangoane" 2001 De Iure 496-499
  • Kroeze IJ "Sin and simulacra: some comments on the Jordan case" 2003 Journal of South African Law 558-562
  • Kroeze IJ " God's kingdom in the Law's Republic: religious freedom in South African constitutional jurisprudence" 2003 SA Journal on Human Rights 469-485.
  • Kroeze IJ "Demokratiese waardes in Suid-Afrikaanse grondwetlike regspraak" (Democratic values in South African constitutional jurisprudence) 2005 Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe 349-356.  (Democratic values in South African constitutional jurisprudence.)
  • Kroeze IJ "Matrix iuris: travels in the hyperreality of the law" 2005 SA Public Law 320-334.
  • Kroeze IJ "Gender discrimination in South African jurisprudence: an exercise in confusion" 2005 Speculum Iuris 202-213.
  • Kroeze IJ "Powerplay: a playful theory of interpretation" 2007 TSAR 19-34.
  • Kroeze IJ "When worlds collide: an essay on morality" 2007 SA Public Law 2007 323-335.
  • Kroeze IJ "'The past is a foreign country': official public memory in South African constitutional jurisprudence" 2009 Law democracy and development journal 50-61
  • Kroeze IJ "How to eat: vegetarianism, religion and law" 2012 Td The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa 1 – 16
  • Kroeze IJ "Individual performance contracts in higher education: a critical appraisal" 2013 SA Mercantile Law Journal 13 – 29
  • Kroeze IJ "Legal research methodology and the myth of interdisciplinarity" 2013 Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 35 – 65