Department of Police Practice

Dr BC Benson

College of Law
School of Criminal Justice
Department: Police Practice
Tel: 012 433 9412


DLitt et Phil (Police Science) – 2013 - UNISA
MTech: Policing (Cum laude) TUT
BTech: Policing (Cum laude) Pretoria Technikon

Fields of academic interests

Reasearch interests

  • Cultural heritage
  • Heritage crime
  • Crime investigation
  • Pedagogies and strategies in ODL and DOel

Field of Specialisation

  • Cultural heritage
  • Heritage crime
  • Crime investigation


Book chapters:

  • Chapter 2: A South African study on the Interface between the Legal and Illegal Trade in Heritage Items in HERITAGE CRIME: PROGRESS, PROSPECTS AND PREVENTION: Authors Dr B Benson & Prof H Fouche (pages 13 – 31). Published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2014 ISBN: 9781137357502
  • Chapter 1: Forensic Investigation of crime, irregularities and transgressions in FORENSIC INVESTIGATION: LEGISLATIVE PRINCIPLES AND SCIENTIFIC PRACTICE: Authors: Dr B Benson, Mr G Jones and Dr J Horne (pages 3 – 48). Published by JUTA Law in July 2015 ISBN: 9780702186479

Journal articles



ACTA Criminologica

CRIMSA Conference Special Edition (3) 2008 TITLE: Analysing police corruption and its possible causes. Sole author

Acta Criminologica:

CRIMSA Conference Special Edition (1) 2010, TITLE: The illicit trade in heritage objects: Fact or fiction? Sole author

Acta Academica:

Published in Acta Academica 42(1) 2010, TITLE: Police corruption: a perceptual state of confusion? Sole author.


Published in CARSA 11(1) 2010, TITLE: The significance of the crime scene in child rape cases, Co-authored.


Acta Criminologica: Published in ACTA Criminologica 24(1) 2011, TITLE: Heritage crime: the illegitimate sibling of the South African crime family. Sole author.

CARSA: Published in CARSA 12 (1) 2011, TITLE: The value of evidence found at the scene of child rape cases. Co-authored with Dr Horne.


ACTA Criminologica, Published in ACTA Criminologica 25(2) 2012, TITLE: Making the invisible visible: the presentation of electronic (cell phone) evidence as real evidence in a court of law. Co-authored with Dr Horne and Mr Lochner.


ACTA Criminologica, Published in ACTA Criminologica 26(1) 2013, TITLE: Thefts from museums and galleries in Gauteng: the value of accurate crime reporting. Co-authored with Prof Prinsloo.

SAMAB, Published in the South African Museums Association Bulletin (SAMAB) 36 (2013), TITLE: A perspective on the interpretation of cultural heritage in post-apartheid South Africa, Co-authored with Prof Prinsloo.


SA Crime Quarterly, Published in the SA Crime Quarterly 52, June 2015, TITLE: Databases for stolen art: progress, prospects and limitations. Co authored with Prof (extraordinarius) Christa Roodt (University of Glasgow)

ACTA Criminologica, published in ACTA Criminologica 28(2) 2015, TITLE: From stranger to serial: (re)emphasising the value of docket analysis as linkage tool in serial rape identification. Co-authored with Mr M van der Watt and Prof (extraordinarius) G Labuschagne.


South African Museums Association Bulletin (SAMAB) 38 (2016) TITLE: The Second Hand Goods Act as [In]capable guardian of cultural heritage objects. Forthcoming publication. See attached letter of acceptance from Edition Editor. Sole author.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Editor-in-Chief: SAMAB
  • POLSA: GM: Academics



  • Project member (researcher) – IDRA
  • Learners and Emerging Researchers sub-committee