Centre for Foreign and Comparative Law

CFCOL, a research institute with full department status within the School of Law, strives to be the premier research institution in the development and application of private international law, public international law and comparative law in Africa. To this end, we aim to:

  • maintain and develop our database of private international law rules, particularly in the area of family law and succession law
  • track the development of regional law, particularly within the Southern Africa Development Community
  • monitor Africa's participation in the development of public international law, particularly as regards international development law
  • undertake comparative law studies on various aspects of private, commercial and public law in African states

In carrying out these objectives, we serve the information needs of students, the legal profession and governments, as well as private and commercial interests. As an academic institution we also hope to stimulate debate and further research within the broader academic community.

Contact us

Technical Editor
Ms Tanja Botha
Tel: +27 12 429 8391
Email: ebothat@unisa.ac.zaCas van Vuuren 7-82

Administrative officer
Ms A Pretorius
Tel: +27 12 429 4149
Email: pretoa4@unisa.ac.zaCas van Vuuren 7-14

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