Department of Psychology

Prof SH van Deventer

College of Human Sciences
School of Social Sciences
Department: Psychology
Tel: 012 429 8259
Fax: 012 429 3414


  • PhD Psychology (Unisa, 1994)

Fields of academic interests

  • Identity in post-modern thinking
  • Physical reality in social constructionism
  • Cognition and machine-learning
  • Learning and assessment

Field of Specialisation

  • Theoretical psychology
  • Research methodology
  • Personology


  • Van Deventer, V. (2011). On the introduction of the cyborg: A struggle for identity. In: Theoretical psychology: Global transformations and challenges. P. Stenner, J. Motzkau, J. Yen & Y. Haosheng (Eds.). Concord, ON: Captus University Publications. ISBN: 978-1-55322-240-8
  • Van Deventer, V. (2013). Translating between different frames of reference: A model for the social sciences. In: Doing Psychology under New Conditions.  A. Marvakis, J. Motzkau, D. Painter, R, Ruto-Korir, S. Sullivan, S. Triliva, M. Wieser (Eds.).  Concord, ON: Captus University Publications.ISBN: 978-1-55322-279-8
  • Van Deventer, V. (2015). The ethical subject. In: Dialogue and Debate in the Making of Theoretical Psychology. James Cresswell, Andrés Haye, Antonia Larrain, Mandy Morgan, Gavin Sullivan (Eds.). Concord, ON: Captus University Publications.ISBN: 978-1-55322-328-3

Journal articles

  • van Ommen, C., & van Deventer, S. H. (2011). The malleable and open body: Emancipatory or oppressive? Annual Review of Critical Psychology. 9, 92-99
  • van Ommen, C., & van Deventer, S. H. (2011). The economy of centre within the aneconomy of neurological architecture. Subjectivity. 4(3), 215-226
  • May, M.S., Cilliers, F. & van Deventer, V. (2012). Exploring the knot of relationship between lecturers and management at a historically Black university: The lecturer’s perspective. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 38(2)
  • van Ommen, C., & van Deventer, S. H. (2012). The critical utility of neuroscience: Goldberg’s brain and the sex/gender distinction. Feminism & Psychology. 22(2) 145-161
  • Nettman, R., van Deventer, V. (1913). The Relationship Between Enneagram Type and Karen Horney's Interpersonal trends Measured as Compliance, Aggression and Detachment. Enneagram Journal. 6(1), pp. 41-49.




  • Identity in societies in transition
  • Student agency in learning
  • Assessment using advanced MCQs