Department of Psychology

Prof ME Fourie

College of Human Sciences
School of Social Sciences
Department: Psychology
Tel: 012 429 8523
Fax: 012 429 3414


  • D Litt et Phil (2009)

Fields of academic interests

  • Correction studies and communities
  • Community Engagement Practices
  • Scholarly Development

Field of Specialisation

  • Community Psychology
  • Research Consultation
  • Scholarly Development


  • Mbatha, M. L., & Ally, Y. (Eds). Fourie, E. & Terre Blanche, M. (Consulting Editors).  (2013). Some communities imagined. Pretoria: South Africa.
  • Van Deventer, V., Terre Blanche, M., Fourie, E., & Segalo, P. (Eds.) (2007). Citizen city: Between constructing agent and constructed agency. Toronto: Captus.

Book chapters:

  • Fourie, E., Terre Blanche, M., Molepo, L., Shirinda-Mthombeni, K., Khoza, G., & Muntswu, L. (2011). Walkabout: Converging journeys through community. In E. Fourie, S. Hagen, Y. Mitchell, B. Semenya, & M. Terre Blanche (Eds.), Re-imagining      Psychology. Proceedings of the 2009 Southern African Students’ Psychology Conference (pp. 123–147). Pretoria: Department of Psychology, Unisa. 
  • Fourie, E., & Terre Blanche, M. (2010). The role of students in the scholarly publishing process. In S. Ngobeni (Ed.), Scholarly Publishing in Africa: Opportunities and Impediments (pp. 39–48).  Pretoria: African Institute of South Africa.

Journal articles

  • Livingston, J., & Fourie, E. (2016). The experiences and meanings that shape heterosexual fathers’ relationships with their gay sons in South Africa. The Journal of Homosexuality, 63(12), 1630–1659.
  • Fourie, E. (2015).  Thinking about incarceration in South Africa: Inside-out Outside-in interest group. PINS (Psychology in Society), 48, 77–89.
  • Fynn, A., Terre Blanche, M. J., Fourie, M. E. (2014). Students as assessment partners: The pleasure and the pain. Progression, 36(2), 1–21.
  • Gumani, M. A., Fourie, E., & Terre Blanche, M. (2013). Critical Incidents Impact Management Among South African Police Service Officers.  Journal of Psychology in Africa, 23(3), 481–488.
  • Gumani, M. A., Fourie, M. E., & Terre Blanch, M. J. (2013). Inner strategies of coping with operational work amongst SAPS officers. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology/SA Tydskrif vir Bedryfsielkunde, 39(2), Art. #1151, 10 pages.
  • Fynn, A., Terre Blanche, M., Fourie, E., & Kruger, J. (2012). Teaching Community Psychology as Community Engagement. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 22(4), 575–578.
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  • Fourie, E., Segalo, P., & Terre Blanche, M. (2010). Towards an appropriate pedagogy for community psychology: The University of South Africa experience. Acta Academica Supplementum, (2), 22–46.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Coordinator of the MA      Research Consultation Programme
  • Executive member of the      Department of Psychology
  • Executive member of the      Unisa Centre of Applied Psychology
  • Member of the Senate      Publication Committee


  • Inside-out Outside-in      South Africa Corrections Interest Group
    This      initiative seeks to apply community psychology approaches and perspectives      to the diverse communities that exist in and around correctional systems.      We are particularly focused on initiatives that cross the boundaries      between the inside and outside of corrections. Examples are the development      of tertiary education opportunities for offenders, issues of social      reintegration and recidivism after release, issues relating to the      families and relatives of offenders, and the collaborative generation and      dissemination of knowledge about experiences and circumstances in      correctional facilities.
  • Work Integrated      Learning Programme: Practical placements of MA [Research Consultation]      students 
    An      integral component of the programme is the integrated work experience that      students gain through 2 ten-week practical placement periods during their      first year of enrolment in the programme. Students gain hands-on practical      experience of working in an organisation on research related activities      (in the broadest sense). The aim of the research project is to continuously      monitor and evaluate students’ progress during the practical work      integrated learning experiences.
  • People Behind the      Papers
    People      behind the Papers is an exciting project launched by the Department of      Psychology in 2011. The aim of the project is to interview a wide      cross-section of South African psychologists to explore the human element      in research and publication. The purpose is to demystify the professional      and personal processes that go into the production of academic knowledge.      Students and others are often intimidated by the “finished” quality of      journal articles and textbooks, and struggle to imagine the larger      processes that inform these texts. The project moves beyond the      theoretical confines of methodology textbooks, to help define, discover      and represent the uniquely South African and African traditions in social      science research.