Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages

The fabric of LGBTI stigma needs to be reworked

Unisa's fourth Quiltbag Project seminar invited Justice Edwin Cameron as its keynote speaker last week. Read more

Unisans inaugurated as ASSAf and SAYAS members

Sonja Bosch and Chris de Wet join these esteemed academies in 2017, which will no doubt have a positive impact on the university as a whole. Read more

Africa Speaks interrogates the study and uses of African languages in higher education

Prof Nomalanga Mkhize, a senior lecture at the Nelson Mandela University, presented at the recent Africa Speaks lecture series hosted by the College of Human Sciences. Read more

Eradicating the discrimination against LGBTIQ students

“For the country to eradicate HIV/AIDS and reach the envisioned zero HIV infection, a new level of zero stigma and discrimination should be reached, says award winning researcher in the College of Human Sciences, Prof Azwihangwisi Mavhandu-Mudzusi. Read about her journey as an advocate for the LGBTIQ community and HIV/AIDS. Read more

The question of epistemic justice

Prof Pascah Mungwini (Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology) calls for commitment of new canon building and adopting strategic particularism as way to addressing the problem of epistemic injustice. He was speaking about this during his inaugural lecture. Read more

Exploring prayer and divine involvement

Prof Dirk van der Merwe from the Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology in the College of Human Sciences presented on the “Pauline exhortation towards a ‘Spirituality of prayer’”. Read more

Find your voice and work hard to be heard

“Find your voice and work hard to be heard,” says lecturer at Unisa’s Department of Communication Science, Linah Nkuna, who recently obtained her master’s degree. Read more

The Institute of Gender Studies explores female masochism

The College of Human Sciences’ Institute for Gender Studies hosted a research seminar on the topic, serialising female masochist subjectivities by mapping intensities from Deleuze’s Masoch to Macho Sluts and Fifty Shades of Grey. It was presented by Postdoctoral fellow in the College, Dr Chantelle Gray van Heerden. Read more

Gender Based Violence: a truth telling moment

Gender based violence is a reality and a problem of the 21st century in South Africa for theological discourse and the church. While theology and the church have arguably been seedbeds of patriarchal structures, as an alternative, we propose deconstruction of Christian teachings and theologies that oppress people. The 21st century calls for life affirming theologies and teachings. This is the view of Reverend Fundiswa Kobo and Reverend Leomile Mangoedi from Unisa’s Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology. Read more

Decolonising indigenous languages: A case of missed opportunities

Decolonising indigenous languages, a case of missed opportunities, writes Phumzile Arthur Sotashe, lecturer in the Department of African Languages in Unisa’s College of Human Sciences. Read more