ProLISSA Conference 13-17 March 2017

Conference Theme

Date: 15-17 March 2017

The theme for this conference is ‘libraries and archives for development in the digital age’.   Development remains a major challenge in South Africa and the African continent at large.  As the country is implementing strategies to overcome its developmental challenges and also remain competitive in the new global knowledge-based economy, libraries and archives can play an important role in this process through provision of information.  Information in modern society is valued as an essential component in the daily lives of people, both on individual and organisational levels. Increasingly we expect information to meet our needs through technological interventions or interactions. Indeed, recent technological developments have accentuated contemporary conceptions of the Library and Information field as an intersection of information, technology, people and society.

Contributions are invited that address current research issues related to the LIS field. Themes that may be addressed are wide and open, but an advanced academic level of discourse is required. Inter alia the following broad themes will be addressed at the conference:

  • Digital curation
  • Digital preservation
  • Copyright in the digital age
  • Legislation
  • Research
  • Virtual libraries
  • User and information services
  • Information organisation and retrieval
  • Information behaviour
  • Social media and LIS
  • Bibliometric
  • Digital records forensics
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Archival diplomatics
  • Information governance and assurance
  • Open access
  • Open government
  • Big data
  • LIS current trends
  • Information ethics in a digital environment
  • LIS education and practices in the digital age