Research Institute for Theology and Religion

Prof MS Tshehla

College of Human Sciences
Research Institute for Theology and Religion
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 4387


  • PhD African Biblical Hermeneutics (UKZN, 2009)
  • M Th. African Biblical Hermeneutics & Translation Studies (UKZN, 2001)
  • B Th. Hons. Greek & New Testament (UKZN, 1999)
  • B Th. Greek & New Testament (UKZN, 1998)

Fields of academic interests

  • Bible in Africa
  • Vernacular theologies
  • Prophetic Theology

Field of Specialisation

  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • New Testament Studies
  • Translation Studies


  • 2015     “To the Akan first, and also to the Sotho: Kwame Bediako and the Measure of Christianity” pages 56-66 in Seeing New Facets of the Diamond: Christianity as a Universal Faith edited by G M Bediako, B Y Quarshie, & K Asamoah-Gyedu.

  • 2013     “Emergence and Culture: Implications for Africa” pages 121-134 in Chance, causality, emergence: Interdisciplinary perspectives edited by Cornel W du Toit. Pretoria: Unisa.

  • 2008     “Isaac A. Motaung: Conversion and Biblical Appropriation in Sesotho”


    347-367 in African and European Readers of the Bible in Dialogue: In Quest of a Shared Meaning, edited by Hans de Wit and Gerald O. West. Leiden & Boston: Brill.

  • 2006     “Selected 19th Century Basotho Readings of the Bible: David Moiloa and the days of Basotho’s Ignorance” pages 227-246 in The New Testament Interpreted: Essays in Honour of Bernard C. Lategan, edited by Cilliers Breytenbach, Johan Thom and Jeremy Punt. Leiden and Boston: Brill. [Novum Testamentum Supplementum 124.]

  • 2005     “The Prophetic Vocation of the African Scholar: a celebration of wholeness” Alternation, special edition no. 2: 178-198. [Also published on pages 129-145 in the Study of Religion in Southern Africa: Essays in Honour of G. C. Oosthuizen, edited by J. A. Smit and P. P. Kumar. Leiden: Brill.]

  • 2003     “Translation and the Vernacular Bible in the debate between my ‘traditional’ and academic worldviews” pages 171-187 in Orality, Literacy and Colonialism in Southern Africa (Semeia Studies) edited by Jonathan Draper. Atlanta: SBL.

  • 2003     “Colenso, John 1:1-18 and the Politics of Insider- and Outsider-Translating” pages 29-41 in The Eye of the Storm: Bishop John William Colenso and the Crisis of Biblical Inspiration, edited by Jonathan Draper. London: T & T Clark.

·         2012     “Uncelebrated Readers of the Bible: The Illustrative Case of Early Basotho Christians” ages 99-113 in African Biblical Hermeneutics edited by Musa W. Dube, Andrew M. Mbuvi & Dora Mbuwayesango. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature.

Journal articles

  • 2015     “On the Production of My Fair Lion and His Pride: A Reflexive Exercise in Oral History” Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, Vol. 41 (3): 198-208.

  • 2015     “Justin Ukpong’s Jesus: Emmanuel for our times” Missionalia, Vol. 43 (3): 292-305.

  • 2014     “Africa, Where Art Thou? Pondering Post-Apartheid South African New Testament Scholarship” Neotestamentica, Vol. 48 (2): 259-281.

  • 2014     “Your sister in Babylon sends her love: Towards prophetic solidarity in post-apartheid South Africa” HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 70(3), Art. #2789, xx pages.

  • 2009     “On the Ideals of African Christian Biblical Scholarship: A Reflection Inspired by Doctoral Study” Journal of African Christian Thought, December, Vol. 12 (2): 23-28.

  • 2009     “When is mere belief inadequate? A Reflection on John 8 and Primal Biblical Appropriation” Journal of African Christian Thought, June, Vol. 12 (1): 22-31.  

  • 2006     “An Appraisal of Eunuchism in the Sesotho Bible” Theologia Viatorum, December, Vol. 30 (1): 133-155.

  • 2006     “Spelling the Faith or Coping with Bible Literacy? Introducing 19th Century Basotho Christians” Theologia Viatorum, vol. 30(1), December, pages 113-132.

  • 2006     “Wisdom amidst monkey-talk? Discipline and Gender in Masculinist Discourses” Journal of Constructive Theology, June, Vol. 12 (1): 7-25.

  • 2006     “A Sesotho Instance of the ‘Perennial Challenge’ of considering IKS from a Christian perspective” Journal of African Christian Thought, June, Vol. 9 (1): 13-26.

  • 2005     “Thuto and Christian Worship among Nineteenth-Century Basotho: An initial exploration of selected early witnesses” Journal of African Christian Thought, December, Vol. 8 (2): 35-45.

  • 2004     “Who is my neighbour? Envisioning African Christianity’s Role in World Christianity” Theologia Viatorum, Vol. 28 (1): 142-163.

  • 2004     “A Plea for Indigenous Written Sources in South African Theological Discourse: Basotho as Test Case” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, Vol. 120: 19-33.

  • 2003     “Philippians 3:7-11 and African Biblical Exegesis: A Reflection” Journal of African Christian Thought, June, Vol. 6 (1): 24-30.

  • 2002     “Can anything good come out of Africa? Reflections of a Mosotho Reader of the Bible” Journal of African Christian Thought, June, Vol. 5 (1): 15-24.

  • 2002     “Lentswe (the Word) among the Basotho: A Cultural Commentary” Grace and Truth, August, Vol. 19 (2): 25-33.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Member of the New Testament Society of Southern Africa
  • Member of the Continental Planning Group for the Society of Biblical Scholars
  • Member of the Continental Planning Group for the Society of African Life and Thought


  • Migration and Religion in Africa