College of Human Sciences

Twenty years of Christian education partnership celebrated

Unisa and the Association for Education and Research in Europe have formalised their long-term relationship with a memorandum of understanding. Read more

Kwena is proof that Unisa develops top talent in SA

The former Unisan resigned from a permanent position to take up an internship at the National Assembly, Office of the Speaker with the encouragement of the Talent Management Unit. Read more

It’s time to complete Unisa’s reinvention

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the academic year, the VC said that 2018 must be a year of vigorous and uncompromising implementation of the university’s transformation plans and policies, as well as delivery of service to students. Read more

Reclaiming the past to create a decolonised future

The annual Decoloniality Summer School held by Unisa' College of Human Sciences highlighted issues involving a tertiary education system that many consider still to be in thrall to the colonial experience. Read more

Is South Africa seeing a return to the rule of law? More evidence is needed

Steps are being taken to lay charges and seize assets of people and companies allegedly involved in corruption in South Africa. Read more

Last Post sounds for legendary muso

Unisa is saddened by the death of Bra Hugh, who passed away yesterday at the age of 78 after a long battle with cancer. Read more

Happy Holidays

Holiday greetings from the College of Human Sciences. Read more

Afrophobia, a result of colonialism and global capitalism

IMPORTANT: Read the viewpoint of the College of Human Sciences under the leadership of Prof Andrew Phillips on Afrophobia. Read more

Unisa academics present at the Russian Academy of Sciences

This year was historic and important to the Unisa electoral scholars and experts when they attended and presented at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Read more

Dr Mfidi is granted Tau Fellowship

Dr Faniswa Honest Mfidi, senior lecturer in the Department of Health studies in the College of Human Sciences, has been granted a Teaching Advancing at University (TAU) Fellowship. Read more