College of Human Sciences

Call for abstracts for the College of Human Sciences’ International Decoloniality Conference 6 - 8 August 2018

Senate Hall, Unisa Muckleneuk Campus, Pretoria, South Africa

Theo van Wijk Building

Unisa Muckleneuk Campus

Preller Street


South Africa

Registration fee: R1500 00 Student rate: R500 00
Event date:
06 - 08 August 2018
08:00:00 - 16:00:00

The College of Human Sciences at the University of South Africa (Unisa) invites you to submit a proposal for a paper, presentation, panel or performance for the International Decoloniality Conference.

Theme: De-colonisation and re-Afrikanisation: A conversation

This international conference is a response to various palpitations of our time. Chief among these, and for the purposes of enabling a holistic conversation in response, is the nexus between de-colonisation and Afrikanisation. This is a timely conversation given the crises wrought by Western modernity and as we seek to go beyond critique to excavate Afrocentric philosophies. This proposed conversation gives life to Afrikan existential philosophies while it also offers an opportunity to explore points of convergence and divergence with decolonial thinking. This is all done in service to a humanist agenda against the colonial agenda of death. In this way, in this humanist quest, we seek to center and delve into knowledges other-wise as we stay true to the call to decolonize the university. By centering knowledges other-wise, we buy space to breathe as we think from Afrika which we believe offers rich and deep philosophies of being in relation with other beings against colonial logics of separation, fragmentation and domination. What then are the philosophies and logics that inform Afrocentricity as opposed to Eurocentricity? Are these clear-cut and diametrically-opposed? Who are the seers to whom we can turn in the quest to excavate Afrikan truths, Afrikan approaches to life? What do particular contexts teach us as we put de-colonisation in conversation with Afrikanisation? What life springs are there in social organization that put humanity at the center? What then of imbrications with the current world order? Where do we go and how do we get there?

We therefore call for papers, panels and artistic performances that address the following:

  • Credo Mutwa: isanusi and seer
  • UNongqawuse, time, voice, and language
  • Civilisation and barbarism: a decolonial viewpoint
  • Egyptology and Afrika
  • Knowledge, over-standing and consciousness
  • Voodoo and sorcery: transcendence
  • Being, personhood and belonging: thinking beyond colonial concepts of race, gender and age
  • Wellbeing
  • Ethics of ubuntu/ubuntu as an ethic
  • Justice above law: when law subverts the attainment of justice
  • Memory and loss/loss and memory: re-membering Afrika
  • Consciousness and materiality: the land question
  • Spirituality, worship and theosophy
  • The arts and aesthetic expression
  • Haiti: lessons for re-Afrikanisation and de-colonisation

The themes for the conference are not limited to the above as other related themes could be submitted. For those who want to form panels please do submit panel proposal. Participants are requested to send abstracts of not more than 250 words to 

The closing date for the submission of abstracts is 9 March 2018.

Please note that selected papers will be published as an edited volume.