Interdisciplinary Summer School 2017

Stream 6: Sustainable Energy

Leader: Prof Diane Hildebrandt
Material and Process Synthesis Research Unit, Unisa)

The problems facing both the African continent and the world are constantly increasing in number and complexity. These problems are multifaceted requiring perspectives from social, economic, political and technical fields, to name just a few. These problems cannot all be solved by isolated groups of intellectuals; they required an integrated approach from many fields of expertise.

Of particular concern are the availability, accessibility and sustainability of energy generation. Energy crises have been occurring since the 1970s but have increased in frequency since the 21st century began and have been having greater and greater international impact but it is undoubtedly the developing nations that get hit the hardest where quality of life can be correlated to the availability of energy.

If the developing economies are ever going to be uplifted and further developed, energy needs to be generated cheaper, more efficiently and sustainably than has been done previously. Existing energy supply also needs to be used with greater efficiency.

This stream will primarily deal with the technical aspects of energy supply from the perspective of experts in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. Individuals with technical skills and training will derive the greatest value from this stream but anyone who wishes to gain insight into the technical approach to problem solving is welcome to attend.

Invited Researchers


Postgraduates with technical skills and training.