Interdisciplinary Summer School 2017

Prof Lerothodi Leeuw

An astrophysicist who studies the evolution of galaxies and their structure, Lerothodi Lapula Leeuw exploits optical, infrared, and radio data observed with telescopes around the world and in Space.

He is a Professor in the College of Graduate Studies at the University of South Africa and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Columbia University in New York City, a Master of Science Degree in Astronomy from the University of Cape Town, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Astrophysics from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Professor Leeuw has held astrophysics research positions at the University of Toledo, Ohio; the University of Chicago, Illinois; USA; the NASA Ames Research Centre in California, USA; and Rhodes University and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa.

His academic awards and recognition include an NRF Rating C2; various NRF Research Grants; NASA, SKA, and NRF Research Fellowships, and the English Academy Thomas Pringle Prize awarded for a Short Story publication. He has published his scientific work in international journals, written about general science issues in South African newspapers, and also featured in South African TV and Radio featuring his scientific career and output.

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