Department of Language Education, Arts and Culture

Mrs DM Mampuru

College of Education
School of Teacher Education
Department: Language Education, Arts and Culture
Tel: 012 429 8072
Fax: 012 429 8812


MA (in African Languages)

Currently teaching


ABT1502, ABT1503, ABT1505 and ABT1510
ABTABT1511, ABT1512, ABT1513, ABT1514, ABT1515, ABT1516, ABT1517, ABT1518, ABT1519, ABT1520

Diploma: ABT101B, ABT102C, ABT103D and ABT104E

Field of Specialisation

African Languages



  • Pretorius, EJ.  & Mampuru DM. 2007. Playing football without a ball: language, reading and academic performance in a high-poverty school. Journal of Research in Reading. 30(1): 38-58
  • Mampuru, DM. 2010. The Habitual mood in Northern Sotho. South African Journal of African Languages. 30(2):250-260
  • Sepedi grammar books for schools and literary works
  • Translated Zakes Mda’s Plays
  • Translated the abridged Mandela’s Long walk to freedom


  • South African Literacy Campaign: Kha ri gude
  • African wordnets with special reference to Northern Sotho