Department of Curriculum and Instructional Studies

Prof S Schoeman

College of Education
School of Teacher Education
Department: Curriculum and Instructional Studies
Tel: 012 429 4503


BA (cum laude), PGCE (cum laude), BEd, MEd, DEd

Fields of academic interests

Research interests:

Teacher education, gender and education, citizenship education, pastoral care and history and instructional studies

Field of Specialisation

Teacher education, social justice (gender and citizenship) and instructional studies

Journal articles


Most influential research outputs

  • Schoeman S 1999 Tranforming education in South Africa: lessons from the Mozambican experience. Africanus: Journal of Development Administration, 29(1): 33-44.
  • Schoeman S 2000 Charting a course: teaching Citizenship Education within the Human and Social Sciences learning area. South African Journal of Education, 20(3): 119-137.
  • Schoeman S 2002 Education for citizenship in South African public schools: what and how? In: Buthelezi S and Le Roux E (eds.) South Africa since 1994: lessons and prospects. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa: 349-371.
  • Schoeman S 2002 The School with the Bible. From meaningless to meaningful citizenship education in South Africa. Koers, 67(4): 180-186.
  • Schoeman S 2003 Democracy’s next generation – education for citizenship in South African public schools. Educare, 32(1&2): 36-60.
  • Schoeman S 2005 Educating Democratic Minds in South African Public Schools: African Teachers’ Perceptions of Good Citizenship. Journal of Negro Education, 74(1): 275-286.
  • Schoeman S 2006 A blueprint for democratic citizenship education in South African public schools: African teachers’ perceptions of good citizenship.  South African Journal of Education, 26(1): 129-142.
  • Schoeman S 2009 The representation of women in a sample of post-1994 school History textbooks. South African Journal of Education, 29(4): 541-556.    
  • Fardon  JVV  and Schoeman S   2010 A feminist post-structuralist analysis of an exemplar South African school History text. South African Journal of Education, 30(2): 307-323.
  • Schoeman S and Mabunda PL 2012 Teaching practice and the personal and socio-professional development of prospective teachers. South African Journal of Education, 32(3): 240-254. Article translated into Mandarin in April 2014 with copyright permission from the South African Journal of Education.
  • Schoeman S 2015 Towards a whole-school approach to the pastoral care module in a Postgraduate Certificate of Education programme: a South African experience. European Journal of Teacher Education, 38(1): 119-134.
  • Fardon J and Schoeman S 2015  FEMINIST POST-STRUCTURALISM, CRITICAL MEDIA EDUCATION AND SCHOOL HISTORY SOURCES. A South African Experience of Deconstruction and Reconstitution. Campaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing.

Journal articles:  41
Books and book chapters for the subject specialist: 4
Refereed conference outputs: 2
Reviews: 6

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Assistant editor of the DHET accredited journal, Yesterday&Today
  • 2015 Women’s Price for Excellence in Research 


Community engagement project:

Moditela Secondary School in Hammanskraal


Post-graduate supervision:

Completed MEd (research) and DEd degrees: 5 and 7 respectively