Department of Curriculum and Instructional Studies

Prof NMM Mbunyuza - de Heer Menlah

College of Education
School of Teacher Education
Department: Curriculum and Instructional Studies
Tel: 012 429 4441


  • LLB, PhD (Educational Management)

Fields of academic interests

Research interest:

  • Teacher support and improvement
  • Applying the theory in education language
  • Teacher Development

Field of Specialisation

  • Teaching Practice
  • Curriculum
  • Language education


Book Chapters:

  • Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah, MMM and Mbaza, E. (2002). Post-Apartheid trends in South African higher education: Who wins? In Buthelezi, S and Le Roux, E (Eds). South Africa since 1994: Lesson and prospects. Africa Institute of South Africa. RSA. ISBN:0 7983 0153 8

Journal articles

  • Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah; MMM and Mays T, 2010. Supporting rural teacher development. Commonwealth Youth and Development. Vol 8 (1):20-36 ISSN: 17277140.
  • Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah, MMM. (2013). Towards a Winning Approach in Developing Meaningful Pre-service Teaching Practice. Anthropologist, 15(1): 97-105
  • Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah; MMM. (2013). Confronting representation n school governing bodies: where is the voice of the learner? Asian Journal of Management Sciences & Education. Vol 2 (1)
  • Mbunyuza-de Heer Menlah, MMM. (2013). Averting the plight of military veterans through Colleges of Further Education and Training.
  • Averting the plight of Military veterans through colleges of Further Education and Training. The Anthropologist, (15) (3)343-351  , 2013
  • Making teaching through technology a reality amidst the challenges of rural impoverishment: a case study. The Mediterranean Journal Of Social Sciences  : Volume 5  no.14, July 2014.
  • Equal education for all:  Reaching for the mirage in some South African school. The Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences: Volume   5  , no 9 August 2014


Research Projects:

  • CAPS
  • Teacher development
  • Law and Education


Postgraduate Supervision:

  • Supervising Master's and PhD students