Department of Psychology of Education

Prof S Schulze

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Psychology of Education
Fax: 086 642 1640


  • DEd Psychology of Education

Fields of academic interests

Research interest:

  • Research development;
  • Postgraduate supervision;
  • Teacher/academic identity;
  • Narrative inquiry

Field of Specialisation

Qualitative research:

  • Mixed methods research;
  • Research development of novice researchers


Book chapters:

  • De Vos, AS, Strydom, H., Schulze, S & Patel, L. 2005.  The sciences and the professions.  In: De Vos, AS, Strydom, H, Fouché, CB & Delport, CSL.  2011.  Research at grass roots: for the social sciences and human service professions.  (4thd edition.)  Pretoria: Van Schaik, 3-26.

Journal articles

  • Schulze, S & Gouws, F.E. 2008.  Proven researchers’ perceptions of influences on academics’ research output: a case study. Acta Academica, 40(2):129-152.
  • Schulze, S. 2008. Academic research at a South African higher education institution: quality issues.  South African Journal of Higher Education,22(3):629-643. .
  • Schulze, S. 2009.  A model for research mentoring in Higher Education: A case study in the field of Education.  Journal of Educational Studies, 8(4):29-46..
  • Schulze, S. 2009. Teaching research methods in a distance education context: concerns and challenges. South African Journal of Higher Education¸23(5):992-1008.
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  • Schulze, S. 2009. Mentoring novice researchers in higher education: a “communities of practice” perspective. Koers,  74(1):117-137.
  • Schulze, S. 2010. Mentoring to develop research self-efficacy, with particular reference to previously disadvantaged individuals, KOERS, 75(2): 429-451
  • Moseki, M. & Schulze, S. 2010. Promoting self-regulated learning to improve achievement: A case study in higher education, Africa Education Review, 7 (2): 356-375.
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  • Schulze, S. 2011. A survey of students’ views of supervision at Unisa. South African Journal of Higher Education, 25 (4):784-802..
  • Alemu, B.M. & Schulze, S. 2012. Active learning approaches in mathematics education at universities in Ethiopia: the discrepancies between policy and practice. Acta Academica, 44(2) (Accepted January 2012).

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Course coordinator for research modules on master’s level
  • Editorial board of Africa Education Review
  • Twice a recipient of APEX (Accelerated Professional Excellence Initiative) award (2008 and 2011)
  • Top 50 Unisa Performer Award (2011)
  • Juta prize for best article published in South African Journal of Higher Education , co-authored with prof Ansie Lessing (2003)


  • Students’ (with special needs) perceptions of a successful school (Joint project with dr Geesje van de Berg)
  • Narrative inquiry projects with teachers and with academics at Unisa, focusing on identity.