Department of Psychology of Education

Dr C Ferreira

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Psychology of Education
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 2157


  • BEd [Adult Education]
  • BA [Psychology & Education]
  • FDE [Remedial Education], ED

Currently teaching

  • Certificate: ABT1513; ABT1515; ABT1516
  • Diploma: ABT101B; ABT207L; DYD116V

Fields of academic interests

Research Interests:

  • Values Education
  • Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
  • Learner support in ODL
  • Adult Education.


  • National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE) at Baisago/University College, BOTSWANA
  • Social Upliftment Programme for the Kingdom of Swaziland (SUPSWA)
  • Ukhukula Projects
  • Funda Afrika