Department of Educational Foundations

Dr S M Matlabe

College of Education
School of Educational Studies
Department: Educational Foundations
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 8808


  • DEd in comparative education
  • MEd (in adult education)

Currently teaching

EDRHODG: The Educator as Researcher, Scholar and Lifelong Learner


Fields of academic interests

  • Adult education and vocational education and training
  • Dysfunctional schools
  • socio-economic issues
  • Philosophy in Education
  • Professional Development
  • Teaching & learning in Open Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Qualitative Research methods.

Field of Specialisation

  • Adult Education
  • Philosophy in Education


Book Chapters

Matlabe S. M. 2017. Developing learning cultures in schools in M. D., Magano, S. J.,   Mohapi. & D. Robinson( Eds): pp30-46.

Magano M.D, Mapotse T.M. Mathipa E.R., Matlabe S.M & Mohapi S.J. Learners’ learning    experiences   in a rural primary school: An intellectual wellness perspective in M. D., Magano, S. J., Mohapi. & D. Robinson: pp271-280

Journal articles

  • Mathipa E. R and Matlabe S. M. Mentoring: a key to the professional development of the teacher Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education. Vol. 20(2), 2016 pp36-47.
  • Matlabe S.M. The Effect of Teaching Practices in Training Adult Education Facilitators Towards the Success of Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Centres in the North West Province (NWP) in South Africa. Journal of Adult Education. Vol 1(20) 2016. pp 111-133.
  • Matlabe S.M. Challenges in acquisition of vocational skills for economic development in South Africa: What role can adult education play? Journal of Educational Studies Vol 15 (1),2015 pp41-55.
  • Nyoni J and Matlabe. S.M Civil Society Activisms in Democratic Governance Spaces: Entrenchment of Social Justice and Transformation in post- Colonial Education Context. Modern Social Science Journal (MSSJ) Vol5 (14) 2014 pp 574-581.
  • Mathipa E. Magano M.D, Mapotse  T, Matlabe S. and   Mohapi S. The School Management Team Leadership Role in Rural Primary School   Setting.   Modern Social Science Journal (MSSJ) Vol 5(7) 2014 pp 367-372.
  • Mohapi. S. J, Magano. M, Mathipe. M,   Matlabe. S and Mapotse. T Exploring Principals’ Reflections of   Curriculum Management Changes in South African Rural Primary Schools. Modern Social Science   Journal (MSSJ) Vol 5 (23) 2014 pp 1221-1224.

Paper presentations

  • The 3rd International Conference on Teaching Practice in Education (ICTPED) 2017. Title: What lecturers need to know about best practices and challenges of assessment of adult learners in an open Distance Learning (ODL) environment at Unisa
  • International Society for Teacher Education (ISFTE), (17-22 April 2016) Conference. Title: Reflections on adult education as a tool for skills and economic development in South Africa.
  • EASA (16-20 January 2016) Conference. Title: The role of Open Distance Learning in preparing teachers for the paperless classroom: in the 21st century.
  • South African Education Research Association (SAERA), 2014 (13-15 August 2015) Conference Challenges in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of ABET facilitators: A case of North West Province.
  • The 26th ICDE World (14-16 October 2015) Conference. Title: Unequal playing  grounds?  An exploration of the role of the digital divide in effective Open Distance Learning (ODL) in South Africa
  • Community Engagement Symposium (22 & 23 JUNE 2015) Conference. Title: Adult education be used as a tool for transformative community development projects: A case of the North- West Province
  • SAERA (13-15 August 2014) Conference, Tittle: Challenges in the continuous professional development of ABET facilitators: A case of North West Province.
  • Hawaii International Conference on Education, (2012). Title:  Providing Quality teaching to Adult Education students, through an Open Distance Learning (ODL): University of South Africa (Unisa) Case Study.
  • SAERA 2013 Conference: Title:  Mentoring a key to professional growth and development in the field of education
  • At the Teacher Education at a Distance conference, held   in Mpumalanga Province (12 October 2011). Title:  Alternative teaching approaches in an open distance learning setting.  
  • At the SACHES annual conference held in Uganda (8 August 2011). Title:  The provision of ABET in South Africa: Limits and possibilities in a changing world held in Uganda.
  • At the 37th Annual International Southern African Society of Education (SASE) conference held in Venda (7-9 October 2010). Title: Providing quality teaching to a Child at risk.
  • At NAODOSA: Conference held at Potchefstroom (2010). Title: Creating positive learning environments in an Open Distance Education (ODL) environment.
  • At the College of Human Sciences; School of Education Research Conference at UNISA: conference theme “Sharing Excellence in Research” 21 and 22 July 2010. Title: Assessment and creating supportive learning environments in an Open Distance Learning.
  • At the 27th Southern African society for Education (SASE) conference held at the University of the North (2001), Title: Adult education and training and lifelong learning.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern African (OSSREA) South Africa chapter.
  • Southern African Society for Education (SASE).
  • International Society for comparative Adult Education (ISCAE).
  • International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE).
  • International Society for teacher Education (ISFTE


  • Archeology of Ubuntu Project (2015-2017)
  • Making schools Better (2015)
  • Violence in school projects (2012)
  • Team leader of PHL Moraka Community Project



Awarded a scholarship by South Africa Netherlands Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD) 2010-2012