Department of Marketing and Retail

Mrs LL Manley

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Management Sciences
Department: Marketing and Retail
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 8303


BCom Business Management (UP), BCom Hons Marketing Management (UP), MCom Business Management with specialisation in Marketing and Retail management (UNISA)

Currently teaching

  • Branding (MNM3601),
  • Promotion and Distribution Management (MNM3048)
  • Product Management (MNM2608)

Fields of academic interests

  • Branding
  • Luxury brands
  • SME marketing
  • E-marketing

Field of Specialisation

  • Branding


  • Contributing author in: Machado, R. (ed). 2014. Customer service. 2nd ed. Cape Town, South Africa: Juta.
  • Contributing author in: Fourie, L. (ed). 2014. Public relations: Theory and practice. Cape Town, South Africa: Juta.

Journal articles

  • Manley, L.L. & Gopaul, M. 2015. An investigation into the impact of e-tolls in the Gauteng province of South Africa: an SME perspective, Problems and Perspectives in Management, Vol. 13, Iss: 4, pp. 85-91.
  • Gopaul, M. & Manley, L.L. 2015. SME perception of government assistance within South Africa. Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 4.
  • Manley, L.L. 2015. The use of traditional versus e-marketing in SMEs in developing countries: A comparative analysis. Journal of Governance and Regulations, Vol. 5.
  • Manley, L.L., Wiid, J.A., & Cant, M.C. 2015. Attitudes of Small Business Owners towards Counterfeit Merchandise: Ethics or Survival? Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies (JEBS), 7(2).
  • Cant, M.C., Wiid, J.A. & Manley, L.L. 2014. Counterfeit luxury fashion brands: Consumer purchase behaviour. Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol. 11.
  • Cant, M.C., Gopaul, M. & Manley, L.L. 2013. Brand Loyalty: Are Black urban area consumers’ more loyal? Corporate Ownership and Control, 11(1, Continued – 6):548-555.
  • Cant, M.C. & Spolander, L.L. 2012. An Investigation into Consumers’ Perceptions Of Advertised Retail Brands Within Black Urban Areas Of South Africa. Corporate Ownership & Control, Vol. 9 (October 2012).

Paper presentations

  • 2015 – Presented at the 2015 International Business conference in Maui, United States of America. Paper: Consumer brand loyalty within black urban areas of South Africa: Manley, L.L., Cant, M. C & Gopaul M., University of South Africa, South Africa.
  • 2013 – Presented at the 24th International Business research conference in Vegas, United States of America. Paper: Consumer Purchase Behaviour Towards Authentic and Counterfeit Luxury Fashion Brands: A South African Perspective: Michael C. Cant, Johannes A. Wiid and Leanne L. Manley, University of South Africa, South Africa.


Part take in the departmental community engagement workshops


Exam co-ordinator within the Department of Marketing and Retail Management