Department of Marketing and Retail

Mrs EC Wessels

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Management Sciences
Department: Marketing and Retail
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 012 429 8303


BsC Clothing: Retail Management (UP), BCom Honours Marketings Management (UP), MCom Business management specialising in Marketing Management (Cum Laude) (UNISA)

Currently teaching

  • Marketing Research (MNM3702)
  • Consumer Behaviour (MNM2605)
  • Marketing Applications (MNM3706)

Fields of academic interests

  • Visual merchandising
  • Store atmospherics
  • Retail industry
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research
  • Social media

Field of Specialisation

  • Visual merchandising
  • Retail industry
  • Marketing research


  • Contributing author: Public relations: Theory & Practice. 2014. Juta: Cape Town
  • Contributing author: Customer Service, 2nd ed. 2014. Juta: Cape Town

Journal articles

  • Hefer, Y. & Nell, E.C. 2015. Visual merchandising displays: the fashion retailers’ competitive edge. Journal of Governance & Regulations, 4(September).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2015. Apparel retailers use of store atmospherics: A strategic move or a wasted approach? Corporate Ownership and Control, 12(3).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2015. Overall satisfaction and important service features of SERVQUAL: Descriptive study of students in a South African tertiary institution.  Journal of Governance and Regulation, 4(2).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014.  Sight: The Last Bastion of the Brick and Mortar Retailer to Survive? International Business & Economics research Journal (IBER), 13(1).
  • Wiid, J.A., Cant, M.C. & Nell, E.C. 2014. Perceptions and Uses of Social Media Networking Systems by South African Students.  International Business & Economics research Journal (IBER), 13(4).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014. SERVQUAL: Students’ Perception and Satisfaction with Regards to Quality of Service Provided by Student Administration Departments within Tertiary Institutions. Corporate Ownership and Control, 11(4).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014. Determining student perceptions regarding the most important service features and overall satisfaction with the service quality of a higher education institution. Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 12(2).
  • Cant, M.C., Wiid, J.A. & Nell, E.C. 2013. Open Distance Learning Students’ Perception Of The Use Of Social Media Networking Systems As An Educational Tool. International Business & Economics Research Journal (IBER), 12(8).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2013. Sound And Consumer Buying Behaviour: Do Apparel Retailers Take Note Of The Effect Of Sound On Buying Behaviour. Corporate Ownership and Control, 11(1).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2012. Employee theft in the South African retail industry: Killing the goose that lays the golden egg? Corporate Ownership and Control, 10(1).

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Peer review conference proceedings and presentations

  • Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on 2-Learning. SKEMA Business School, France. Vol 2: 30-31 October 2013. Page 511. ISSN: 2048-8645.
  • Proceedings of the International Symposium on Business and Management. Nagoya University. 2-4 April 2014. Page 251. ISSN 2226-6577.
  • Proceedings of the 2015 International Academic Business Conference Las Vegas & 2015 2015 International Education Conference Las Vega. 11-14 October 2015. Page 113. ISSN: 2157-9660 (online).     


  • Excellence in Research Award present by Clute institute for the manuscript “Open Distance Learning Students’ Perception of the use of Social Networking Systems as an Educational Tool.”


SMME managerial and skills transfer project facilitator