Department of Marketing and Retail

Mrs EC Wessels

College of Economic and Management Sciences
School of Management Sciences
Department: Marketing and Retail
Senior Lecturer


  • BsC Clothing: Retail Management (UP)
  • BCom Honours Marketings Management (UP)
  • MCom Business management specialising in Marketing Management (Cum Laude) (UNISA)

Currently teaching

  • Marketing Research (MNM3702)
  • Consumer Behaviour (MNM2605)
  • Marketing Applications (MNM3706)

Fields of academic interests

  • Visual merchandising
  • Store atmospherics
  • Retail industry
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research
  • Social media

Field of Specialisation

  • Visual merchandising
  • Retail industry
  • Marketing research


  • Contributing author: Public relations: Theory & Practice. 2014. Juta: Cape Town
  • Contributing author: Customer Service, 2nd ed. 2014. Juta: Cape Town

Journal articles

  • Hefer, Y. & Nell, E.C. 2015. Visual merchandising displays: the fashion retailers’ competitive edge. Journal of Governance & Regulations, 4(September).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2015. Apparel retailers use of store atmospherics: A strategic move or a wasted approach? Corporate Ownership and Control, 12(3).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2015. Overall satisfaction and important service features of SERVQUAL: Descriptive study of students in a South African tertiary institution.  Journal of Governance and Regulation, 4(2).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014.  Sight: The Last Bastion of the Brick and Mortar Retailer to Survive? International Business & Economics research Journal (IBER), 13(1).
  • Wiid, J.A., Cant, M.C. & Nell, E.C. 2014. Perceptions and Uses of Social Media Networking Systems by South African Students.  International Business & Economics research Journal (IBER), 13(4).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014. SERVQUAL: Students’ Perception and Satisfaction with Regards to Quality of Service Provided by Student Administration Departments within Tertiary Institutions. Corporate Ownership and Control, 11(4).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2014. Determining student perceptions regarding the most important service features and overall satisfaction with the service quality of a higher education institution. Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 12(2).
  • Cant, M.C., Wiid, J.A. & Nell, E.C. 2013. Open Distance Learning Students’ Perception Of The Use Of Social Media Networking Systems As An Educational Tool. International Business & Economics Research Journal (IBER), 12(8).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2013. Sound And Consumer Buying Behaviour: Do Apparel Retailers Take Note Of The Effect Of Sound On Buying Behaviour. Corporate Ownership and Control, 11(1).
  • Nell, E.C. & Cant, M.C. 2012. Employee theft in the South African retail industry: Killing the goose that lays the golden egg? Corporate Ownership and Control, 10(1).

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Peer review conference proceedings and presentations

  • Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on 2-Learning. SKEMA Business School, France. Vol 2: 30-31 October 2013. Page 511. ISSN: 2048-8645.
  • Proceedings of the International Symposium on Business and Management. Nagoya University. 2-4 April 2014. Page 251. ISSN 2226-6577.
  • Proceedings of the 2015 International Academic Business Conference Las Vegas & 2015 2015 International Education Conference Las Vega. 11-14 October 2015. Page 113. ISSN: 2157-9660 (online).     


  • Excellence in Research Award present by Clute institute for the manuscript “Open Distance Learning Students’ Perception of the use of Social Networking Systems as an Educational Tool.”


  • SMME managerial and skills transfer project facilitator