Consulting Psychology Conference 2017

Conference themes

The 2017 Consulting Psychology Conference entitled "Constructive Disruption: What does Consulting Psychology have to say about our current national discourse?” will explore the contribution of Consulting Psychology to society from various perspectives.

Change defines life and growth, and over the last decades, it seems the nature of it has altered too. In the past it was episodic with periods of stability but it now seems continuous. South Africa too is in high levels of flux. It faces unprecedented levels of debate and disruption as it navigates the challenges of a new era. The engagements are robust, heated and fractious. Everyone seems to be involved, either through their active participation or loud silence. As a nation, we face numerous challenges and opportunities, and are being asked to re-think, re-learn and re-imagine what our freedom really means. In this disruptive space we believe the profession of Psychology is grappling with the role we could be playing in this national discourse.  What is our professions relevance? What positive impact can we have in these VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times?

The conference will cover the following sub-themes:

  • What is our Consulting Psychology’s relevance?
  • What positive impact can Consulting Psychologists have in these charged and unpredictable, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times?
  • What keeps Consulting Psychology/US silent and hidden away?
  • How have we allowed ourselves as Consulting Psychologists to be spectators to our nation distress?
  • What must we do, as Consulting Psychology, to make a meaningful contribution towards the psychological understanding, health and well-being of our nation?

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