South African Journal of Labour Relations

ISSN (Print): 0379-8410
ISSN (Online): 2520-3223

Employment relations are a matter of practical concern to every country. Human resources are viewed as a key factor in the creation of successful organisations and nations all over the world. People in employment can hence truly be viewed as a critical success factor for a developing country such as South Africa.

Employment relations and work form the cornerstone of economic prosperity and quality of life for the people of not only South Africa but also the entire continent of Africa. The importance of good labour relations at all levels of society has long been of interest to students, practitioners, researchers, academics and policy makers in all parts of the world. Labour issues cannot be ignored by anyone who is serious about seeing South Africa succeed.

The South African Journal of Labour Relations accepts the premise that one of the major challenges posed by this developing country and region, as it relates to the broad field of people in employment, is to provide a forum of learning opportunities for all those interested and involved in the management of human resources. The South African Journal of Labour Relations therefore

  • offers an accredited forum for academic writing and reporting on relevant research findings
  • provides a forum that promotes understanding of, and stimulates thought on, dynamics related to people and their working lives
  • offers a vehicle for ongoing learning in the broader field of employment relations
  • represents an avenue for the expression of independent opinion and the stimulation of constructive debate
  • offers overviews of trends and developments in local and international employment relations dynamics
  • provides a medium for the wider dissemination of academic as well as practical information related to employment dynamics
  • represents a forum for cross-pollination of the insights and experiences of practitioners, researchers, policy makers, academics, students and all those interested in the field of employment relations in general.

The South African Journal of Labour Relations is a scientific research journal published by the School of Management Sciences and the Graduate School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa. It was first published in 1977. As a fully independent refereed publication, accredited by the Department of Education, and supported by an international Editorial Board, it aims to enhance scholarly research and debate in the field of employment relations management

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