College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Lenasia Eco-Schools Project

Since 2009, DES has been working with Moses Maren Mission Technical High School and Oliefantsvlei Primary School situated in Lenasia. Both these schools have shown commitment to improve their school environment by participating in the Eco-Schools programme with the aim of successfully receiving the awarded of the Green Flag, an internationally acknowledged symbol for environmental excellence.

Eco-Schools is a learning programme that encourages learners to actively take part in how their school is managed to the benefit of the environment. Practical steps are taken to reduce the environmental impact of the school following a simple process based on environmental management systems. The Eco- Schools process is not only based on action events, but a strong emphasis of including environmental issues in the classroom and using the environment to demonstrate practical exercises across all learning areas.

As the programme is based on ongoing environmental improvement, schools are encouraged to submit portfolios based on their own themes, priorities and objectives in October each year. These portfolios are assessed by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa, which are then graded according to the Eco-Schools assessment criteria.

The Eco-Schools programme extends learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible attitudes and commitment, both at school level and in the wider community, promoting sustainable development and building community ties and capacity.

DES assists educators how to use the environment to demonstrate and provide practical examples across all learning areas. Thus far, focus theme areas have been Arbour day, waste management, water use and water resource management and a school greening project.


  • Improve the school environment;
  • Build young people's confidence and sense of citizenship through participation;
  • Increase environmental awareness;
  • Involve the local community;
  • Gain local publicity;

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